Monday, 4 July 2016

Request Letter Sample Format

Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject:  request for allotment of more money

Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

This is with regard to allotment of money for various departments for the current fiscal year under the company’s budget for the economic year 2010-2011. We feel that sales department has been allotted less money in this budget.

We bring to your attention that the sales department has the highest performance rate and needs more monetary assistance to continue it’s applaud able work done by the department. There has been increase in prices of all items purchased by the department, and with further increase in its services the expenditure of the department has increased considerably. Hence the current allotment of amount won’t be enough to sustain the growth and productivity of the department.

We expect that this will be taken into consideration and steps will be taken in this regard.

Thanking you




Sales department

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Romantic Love Letter Example


Herbert A. Heilo
3883 Rafe Lane
Jackson, MS 39201


Salvs A. Kent
2244 North Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Oct 22, 2014

Ref: A Letter to Express My Feelings and Love When I Was At the Romantic Place, Paris

To My Dear Honey,

After 2 long months of separation, I am dying to meet you and you will be happy to know that I come home from my vacations. Now we both can spend time together just like before. During my vacations, there was no time that I was not thinking about you. You stay in my heart so you are always with me, no matter how far we are from each other. While I was in Paris, I dreamt of someday we together, enjoy the view of the world the most romantic places.

Paris itself is the city of love and you will love this place once you are there. During my vacation, I missed you so much.

Hope to be with you forever.

Kisses and Hugs,

Herbert A. Heilo

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Family Reunion Welcome Letter


The Pattersons

3200 Grand Street
Sugar Land, TX 99832

January 20, 2011


William Patterson

682 Hillside Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Dearest William

RE: Family Reunion Welcome

We are so delighted to hear from you after 5 years of silence. We parted on not very happy terms but you were always on our minds.

We are more than excited to hear that you are coming back next month. We are opening our hearts and hands to welcome you back. Let bygones be bygones! You are still part of our family. We will always love you and welcome you in our midst. It would be a great opportunity to spend time with you again.

We look forward to your soon return. Do let us know your time of arrival and we shall be there to pick you up. Your room is being prepared for your stay.

With all our love,

Dad, Mom, Jean, Joy & Marcus

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Agreement Letter Format

Agreement letter is written when there is an agreement at some matter between two parties. Here is an example of the agreement letter addressed to the company, that entered into the agreement. There is a confirmation of the agreement with terms, clauses of the agreement mentioned in the letter.

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sample Letter Format

Company Name
Company Address
Date of Letter

Recipient's name
Recipient's title
Recipient's company
Recipient's company address

Recipient's Name:

People read business letters quickly. Therefore, get to the point in the first paragraph--the first sentence, if possible. In other words, state what you want up front.

Single space your letters and use a serif typeface. Skip a line between paragraphs. Because people read business letters quickly, use shorter sentences and paragraphs than you would in a longer document. Sentences should average fewer than twenty words, and paragraphs should average fewer than seven lines.

Space your letter on the page so that it does not crowd the top. However, if possible, keep your letter to one page. Second pages often are not read. Send copies to anyone whose name you mention in the letter or who would be directly affected by the letter.

Final paragraphs should tell readers what you want them to do or what you will do for them.





cc: Name to receive copy

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Business Email Template

Heard of business email templates? If not, then let me tell you that these templates are very useful for advertising your business. These templates will help in creating awareness about the type of business you are in and this in turn will help in increasing your sales. If your customers do not find your business email quite attractive as well as appealing, they will not even look at the content of your email. Hence, your business email should be well designed and should have good content.

If you want to create business email template, you can think of using email client such as Microsoft Outlook for creating such templates. However, if you are not accustomed with Microsoft Outlook, you can also use another application like Adobe Dreamweaver. The choice is ultimately yours!

However, it is always advisable to take the help of professional email marketing service providers. These professionals are experienced in their area of work and they will provide you some existing templates which you can easily customize to meet your specific requirements.

Find Sympathy Email Template at SampleMails.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bank Account Error Correction Letter

[poultry Street]
[Ec1 2BR]


Dear Sirs:

Recently, I, the undersigned, received a monthly statement from your bank that reports deposits, other credits and debits from the account. A problem was noted in the recordation of the accounting process as

reflected and reported to [me (us)]. A copy of the statement is enclosed for your review. You will note that:

[Description of Error]

This problem, as delineated above, was brought to the attention of [name of individual] via [a telephone conversation or in person at the bank] on the [day] day of [month], [year].

As a result of that conversation, [I (we)] felt it imperative that correspondence be directed to you relative to this particular problem. It is hereby requested that the problem be rectified immediately. Your prompt

assistance with this matter is most appreciated.

Thank you,

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