Monday, 4 March 2013

Credence Letter Format

A letter of credence is a special letter that is usually only sent between the heads of state of various countries. It’s main purpose is to grant diplomatic accreditation to one of the states agents. In simple terms, this means making someone the official ambassador between two countries. It is important to note that the contents of the letter is only effective once the receiving state accepts the offer of credence.

Sample letter of credence :

Dear Prime Minister Harper

The government of Norway wishes to appoint Marcus Ovskin as an ambassador between our two countries. He has been an upstanding politician in our country for a long time, and we believe he will do a good job filling this post.

His responsibilities will include

-Verifying that all trade issues between our states are handles professionally and without corruption

-Up keeping relations between our two countries, through weekly meetings and formal dinner parties

We hope that you will accept Marcus Ovskin as an ambassador between our countries. We believe this will be the first step in establishing a long lasting relationship between Norway and Canada.


Svend Carrlson, Norway

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