Friday, 19 April 2013

Appointment Request Letter

Appointment Request Letter is written by an individual to request an appointment to see an eye specialist in a specialist center for eye problems. He has already been visited by his local health official but was not satisfied with their response and wishes to look into more detail as to the root of the problem.

Sample Appointment Request Letter :-

1st November 2010


Mr E Devine

23 Valley view

CA23 4RD


Dr E Smith

Head optician

Manchester University hospital

M45 5RF

Subject: Request For appointment

Dear Mr Smith

I am writing to you in order to request an appointment to be seen by one of your experts in optometry. I have suffered from bad eye sight since I was young, and have always used my national health service provider in my local area. However I am currently not satisfied by the service I am given. Instead of looking for the root of the cause of my worsening vision, they are just prescribing me stronger and stronger lenses.

I was surfing the Internet, and came across your hospital, which clearly has a fantastic reputation in the field of optometry. I realize that I do not live within the area to receive treatment at your hospital, and any treatment I would receive may be charged for.

I am willing to pay for a consultation with yourself or one of your top colleagues, I am now just interested in knowing what is the underlying problem to my failing eyesight.

Please can you let me know if this would be possible and send me a date, I realize there may be a long waiting list,

Yours faithfully,

Mr E Devine

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