Friday, 28 December 2012

Congratulation Letter Format

Achievement of a milestone — a birthday or anniversary, birth of a new child. Getting a new job, buying a home, winning an award, getting married, an anniversary — is an ideal reason to send someone a letter of congratulations. The reader will be pleased that you remembered the event and took the time to acknowledge it in writing.

Tips for Writing Congratulations Letters

• Congratulate the reader for her achievement, accomplishment, anniversary,new child, or whatever.

• Tell her where you learned about the accomplishment.

• Add a comment of a personal nature (e.g., if the reader is a former teacher,tell him how much being in his class meant to you).
Sample Congratulation Letter :

Dear Parrish,

Wow! You’ve done it again. Congratulations!

I just read in NEPA Hotline that the direct mail package you wrote for Second Opinion just won a Gold Award for best promotion — your third time, I believe.

The client also gave you a wonderful plug in the article, noting that your DM packages for him have always been winners. That’s an enviable track record few copywriters have ever achieved. You must feel great, and I’m sure your clients are impressed, too. This should bring you a lot of new business — not that you need it.

Job well done, Parrish. I always learn a lot from you.


Ben Carter

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