Thursday, 17 January 2013

Quotation Letter Format

A letter of quotation is a letter requesting a price quote on a specific product or service. For example, if you wanted to get your air conditioning system replaced, you would write a letter of quotation to a ventilation company explaining your situation and requesting a quote to complete the job.

Tips for writing a letter of quotation :

-Be specific: include as many details as possible; the more information included; the more accurate a quote you will receive
Sample letter of quotation :

Kay Ventilation

4496 Lochmere Lane
Groton, CT 06340

Dear Kay Ventilation,

I am writing this letter for a price quote on replacing my central air conditioning system in my home.

My house is 4500 square feet, and used two individual central air conditioning units. There is about 6000 feet of ventilation piping that needs to be replaced, as well as two compressor units and 6 control panels. I wish to source my own compressor units, but you will be responsible for all the ventilation and control panels.

Please provide me with pricing information and how long it would take to complete this job for me. I am looking for someone to complete this in less than a week, so please account for that in your price quote.

Kindest Regards

Bob Grenier

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