Monday, 28 January 2013

Letter of Wishes

A letter of wishes is a non-binding letter that is sent from someone establishing a trust to the trustees, demonstrating their wishes for the direction the trust will take. It is important to note that the writer of a letter of wishes (Settlor) should not make it sound like they are giving orders to the trustees, just merely suggestions as to how the assets of the trust should be handled.

Sample letter of wishes :

Graves Family Trust

203 Lucky Duck Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Dear Trustees of Graves Family Trust,

To the current Trustees of the Trust dated 2009 between Richard Graves and the Geaves Family Trust.

I understand that I may not restrict your actions in the way you handle the assets of the said trust, but I ask you to consider the following when making decisions in regards to asset allocation.

-This trust was initially set up to help orphaned cats and dogs, so I hope that you will keep this goal in mind when allocating yearly donations

-This trust was set up in honor of my late husband, who you all knew well, so I wish for you to allocate the assets in a way that he would approve of

Thank you for your consideration

Best wishes,
Tanisha Graves

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