Thursday, 27 June 2013

Parents Goodbye Letter

A parents goodbye letter is usually written by a child who is going away from his or her parents on a temporary or permanent basis. In the opening paragraph, you should mention that why you are leaving your parents. Tell them the reason which can be like you are going away to a different place for completing your higher studies.

20th April 2013

Mr and Mrs Smyth
453 Central avenue

Dear Mum and dad,

I am writing this letter to you both, to bid you a fondest of farewells as I fly the nest to start my college studies. I know we have already said our goodbyes, but I want to write  this letter to you, for you to keep.

Thank you so much for doing such a good job in preparing me for the future, in nurturing me, and shaping me for the outside world. You guidance has been more important than you realize.

I am so happy that you support my decision to pursue my education by going on to do further education at college. This is all a little scary for me, but iIwill always have with me all that you have taught me to give me a helping hand wherever I may go.

Your loving daughter


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